lyef & thymes

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Salty Dog

Been a while...four month or so. Have had a few thoughts in the meantime.

Hope is the substance of things longed for, the presence of things unseen.

Christ in me is the hope of glory.

A little transliteration then kind of says:

Christ in me, the substance of glory longed for, the presence of glory unseen.

It's been a quest for me for sometime now to become invisible. Not in a superhero kinda way, or in a "I'm not gonna shine, cause I don't want people to notice me" kinda way. Quite the opposite actually.

I'm going for the kind of life that is so bright that people can't look right at it, but instead must look slightly past it, or up, or to the side. I want to be un-look-at-able, while still inspiring people. I think that I (we) excuse myself from greatness because of some twisted idea of what humility means, as if somehow it requires that we do nothing out of fear of being noticed, and somehow developing an inflated sense of pride in ourselves.

I refuse to be thus crippled from being effective in the Kingdom, and at the same time I know that I need to completely rely on Christ in order to shine in the first place. I have no glory of my own. I will have no glory apart from His glory, but have the Hope of glory alive and well inside of me.

I guess I am feeling the strain between the life of the flesh, and the life of the spirit; the Kingdom of Jacob and the Kingdom of God. Having already made my choice, I find myself on the pilgrimage that is a lifetime of leaving the one for the other.

Lord I thank you that I don't turn into a pillar of salt as I occasionally look back.