lyef & thymes

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Now I'm the Supervisor!!!

Having an interesting time at my new job. I was hired on August seventh, and trained on the floor by my co-workers. The training went pretty well, and I started to excell at my job. Then I was promoted, and now all the folks who showed me how to do my job are expected to listen to me when I tell them what to do.

For the most part it has been an easy transition, because my co-workers don't expect very much from me, and fill in the gaps. This means that they are stepping up a level in their own work, which shows that they had the potential to be great right from the start. Interesting.

So I wonder what comes of this. Through the whole exercise I am learning that leadership doesn't mean doing the best that you can, and doing all the work. It actually means imparting the vision, so that the next generation can do the stuff, with passion, until it's their time to lead.