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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Post-modernism Speaks again

I have been thinking some more about how we offer meaning to things. We observe what is and then file it into a meaningful definition. What is more, we then quickly forget that we have done this, if we were ever aware of it in the first case. We immediately begin to view the thing originally observed or experienced as though it has always had this particular definition.

This is what was so revolutionary about the post-modern deconstruction. Thinkers began to challenge this idea, saying first that nothing has any meaning, and later that life its self has no meaning.

I will offer an impractical example to get us started:

In an average school gymnasium you will often find a great number of crash mats along the walls. These are in place because children occasionally crash into the wall. These mats are often blue in colour. We have all observed this, and we all know that upon observing the mats that they exhibit a blue colour. But the truth is that these mats have no colour at all. I will explain what I mean.

The mats, like all matter that is visible to the human eye, has no colour on its own. The colour that we observe is actually reflected light. The mats absorb some colour of light, and reflect others. The properties of the material determine what colours of light are absorbed, and which are reflected, and our eyes observe these reflected lights.

Think I'm wrong? Well let me ask you this? What colour is that mat in the absense of light? In the dark, with no light reflecting off of it's surface, all non luminous material is black. It is only the light reflected off of the surface that provides its meaning.

I believe that the same is true of us. As we become more and more full of Holy Spirit, as our being is more and more conformed to the likeness of Christ in the Spirit, we reflect him more fully.

Jesus climbed the mountain, was transformed by the presence of God, and became more fully the likeness of God in human form. As such, he no longer absorbed the light that fell on him, but instead was able to reflect it.

A Red lens placed in front of a spolight causes the light emitting from the bulb to appear red. This is because the red lens absorbs all the colours from the original light, except the colour red.

I want to be made of stuff that reflects God, rather than absorbing it.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh what kind of Love is this!

Can anyone inform as to the definition or meaning of "Splanixomai"?

Will be blogging again one day soon, you will see.