lyef & thymes

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I received some well-earned scorn...

So, my last post earned me some well earned scorn. People need to learn that I often have something up my sleeve.

Oh well, my fault for getting out of the car on the highway, I suppose. But all the same, this blog "lyef and thymes" will continue as my own autonomous blog for speaking about whatever pops into my head, and the one linked to somewhere in this post (let's see if they can find it) will be the "hey everyone, check out what's going on in the lives of Jacob and Carolyn" blog. I think it will be good to have both.

Speaking of speaking my mind, I learned this week that I can be extremely effective in the field of manipulation. I manipulated a dear friend twice in one day. I needed to distract my friend Andrew, so his girlfriend could coordinate his surprise party. I pulled out all that I knew about Andrew in order to trick him. He is highly compassionate, easily excited, and longs to connect with people, so I told him that Carolyn and I had some concerns that we wanted to talk to him about, and would he mind staying later after band practice (while the band went ahead to the party destination). Though Andrew wanted to go home and sleep, he even more greatly wanted to connect with us, as he was excited, and thinking that we had concerns, wanted to offer any help he could.

Later, at the party, it was time to give Andrew his gifts. The first of three (the only one as far as he knew) was a seven dollar athletic headband. Being the kindhearted gentleman that he is, he over-reacted to the gift, to show us his appreciation. Then I pulled out his second gift, telling him "oh, that was just a joke. Here's the real gift." It was a DVD that no-one in their right mind would desire to own. Again, feeling like the first gift was a set-up for this more thoughtful gift, Andrew over-reacted. He truly is a kind man.

Finally he received his real gift, a scarf that is pretty cool, and right up his alley, that he might actually wear. By now he was leary of showing emotion, fearful of the trick that might ensue. No trick, just lovin'.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Skip to the End...

Last night was the worst snow storm Toronto has had all season. It took me over two hours to drive home, a drive that normally takes only fifteen minutes. It was crazy. The gentleman in the mercedes ahead of me kept skidding into the snow, so I hopped out of my car on the highway, and pushed him out, then hopped back into the car only to watch him re-enact the whole scene again.
He didn't understand why slamming the gas on ice was bad.

Then I finally got home, asked Carolyn to marry me, and she said yes. What a day.