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Friday, June 06, 2008

The Geographical history of ME - An Introduction.

Geography is not meaningless to me. The places I have lived are spectacularly important in my life, past and present. The mundane places that we live accomplish so much more in us than any of the places that we visit. As an aside, I feel that this is meant to be true in the Spirit as well as in the natural. That the visitations we have of the Spirit, those signposts we erect in our human thinking of an event with God, are less important to Him than where we live day to day.

There have been times in my life when sin has abounded, and I would validate my life by the fact that God still visited me. OF COURSE HE VISITED ME, I'M HIS FREAKING SON! But he was still deeply concerned about where I was living.

Still, my point is that I am going to paint a picture of my life with some photos of where I have lived, and maybe some artwork, I don't know. I have lived in some places more than once, so look for some repeats, in different contexts that should serve to paint a picture of where I was at when I lived there.

Thus begins a new series at HimynameisJacob,

The Geographical history of ME.


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