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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Little black bull with a cute red bow

Last April I graduated from University. I had worked hard, and earned a baccalaureate in Liberal Arts, focusing on Literature and History. It seems that along the was I earned a reputation as well. I have never been a man of few words. Even when I don't know what you're talking about I can usually find something to say. The truth is I usually do know at least a tiny bit about most subjects, but I like to sound like I know more. So I have been selected as the first ever President's Award winner for my graduating class. At the ceremony,m with friends and family gathered in support, the various academic awards were announced. Anna was the student who most successfully studied the most depressing material, so she won the Friedrich Nietzsche Award, with a plaque and a cheque. Jon had the highest grades in Philosophy and cultural studies, so he won the renaissance Man award, with a plaque and a cheque. Then came the important awards.Andrew Sutton was given the "Walter Thiessen 'the human mind can rationalize anything' psychology award: for holding the opinion that if he earned any mark lower than an 'A' it was because the professor didn't take the time to read it." He was given a plaque, and a box of fruit-loops. Then came the final, and most important award, the "President Bob Cheatley 'I've been to Ireland, so I know Blarney' Award: for outstanding ability to eloquently and persuasively talk himself and others into and out of any situation." I was awarded the honour of this great distinction, and received a plaque, and a little black toy bull, with a lovely ribbon. People cheered as I received the prize, and a few people made speeches recounting types of ways in which I had talked them into doing things that they would never have done. Mary Smith, a professor, recounted how I talked her into teaching a class on Pop-Culture. Jon Rinck recounted a story where I convinced him to have his first shot of Jagermeister in the University Chapel (Jon is not an alcoholic, but has discovered a love for having a glass of wine, which he would never have discovered had he not first tried alcohol). And a few others shared similar stories surrounding cliff diving, or dying their hair, or what-have-you. Basically, just by being myself I have influenced this place in many ways that I never imagined I would. I would encourage you, dear reader, dear friend, not to forget that people are following you, even if you are not aware of it. Peace!


At 7:06 p.m., Blogger mark said...

I know a guy who convinced me to make my first ever snow angel. He persuaded me to make a number of particularly silly movies and nearly got me arrested in a foreign country. This guy got me addicted to Tim Horton's coffee, and played a huge part in influencing my decision to one day move to Canada.

Any friend of Jacob's that can't claim to have had their life majorly affected in some way by his peculiarities is either rather forgetful, or thinking of the wrong Jacob. Congratulations Jake, love you bro...

At 6:20 a.m., Blogger 直樹 said...

sometimes i just miss you you big oaf... cheers to x men eh? and well, yeah strive for the award mate and unity

At 11:21 a.m., Blogger Jeremy C. Wright said...

I refuse to let you convince me to move out East. Oh, g'won then, fine, convince me :D


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