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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Blog Marketing?!?

I have a good friend who is at the forefront of Blogging. He has inadvertently led me to this point where I am considering, just this once, using my blog as a marketing tool. We'll see what happens.

I am currently seated at my desk in the office of St. Stephen's University. This school has been in existence since 1972, and has seen it's graduates go on to study at Oxford, write speeches for the Liberal party of Canada, intern in the Whitehouse, become CBC reporters, and to do a host of other interesting things. I didn't get as far away as the rest after graduating, but I don't mind.

This particular University is more like a community than an institution. We cook together, clean together, eat together, sleep under the same roof with each other, and essentially do life together. Along the way students study Western Civilization through the classic Literature of the last 3000 years up to today, through the most important philosophies of the last 3000 years, through studying the History of the west from the Greeks til today, and finally by travelling the world together in order to see the world they have been studying.

I have lived in a number of different social contexts in my life, and I have never found a place quite like SSU. People here genuine love each other and care for each other. When people are down someone intuitively comes along and picks them up. If someone is going through a hard time with school work, or in their faith in God, people will pray with them and encourage them. When people disagree, or even fight in our community, the desire for understanding and solidarity wins out in the end. In fact, the things about people that initially serve to induce conflict at SSU often eventually come to be the most endearing things about individuals. Through living together and studying together, and essentially being put through the proverbial mill together, healing comes to broken people who can look at each others differences with love and appreciation rather than with hurt and judgement.

Why am I telling you about this? Well you've probably figured it out by now, and if you haven't, maybe University isn't for you (wink). I encourage you to thionk about a Bachelor of Arts, or Master of Arts, or if you already have one, a Master's in Ministry at SSU. For character formation and faith building, for a deepening and unfolding love for God's creation, and for an education that exposes you to the most important developments in Art, Literature, and Philosophy in the last 3000 years, there is no other school quite like this one. While that's likely true about any school, what I really mean is that St. Stephen's University is significantly different from the rest. Here there is an uncommon fusion of academics and discipleship that is not found in other Universities, or in Bible Colleges. SSU is a place where students appreciate and engage their culture and history rather than reject it completely, but is also a place with an Ethos all it's own.

Feel free to visit anytime and see for yourself.



At 6:10 p.m., Blogger Michael said...

Is this for Lisa??? ;D

Got any dates for us yet???
Michael :)

At 6:45 p.m., Blogger Andrew G said...

i just may come and visit


At 4:16 p.m., Blogger Jonathan said...

Wink yourself.


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