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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A fine evening, and a busy week!

So, this has been the busiest weekend of my life. On Thursday I drove an hour up the highway to the city of Saint John. There was a youth conference called Deeper2005 going on, and I had to be there to do a few different things. I was playing bass for the friday night worship band, and there were lots of preparations. Thursday night was a good night, a God night you might say. I have never seen Vineyard kids worship like this before. Then Friday morning I drove to the airport at 5:00am, and flew to Toronto. I had a great breakfast with some of my good friends,and then went to work. I set up a booth for SSU in the foyer at the FreshWind Youth conference at TACF. Unfortunately the MC had forgotten to play our promotional video, so nobody at the conference knew that I was there. C'est la vie.
That afternoon I flew back to Saint John, and played Bass, and it was really awesome. Then that night I slept like no man has ever slept before. Saturday was another long day. I went to the conference for 9:15 am, and spent the better part of the day praying for kiddos going through tough stuff. The conference ended at 11:00pm that night and I was convinced to go to a pub to see a band play. Five lovely ladies were going and they wanted male companionship. Gee, twist my arm will ya? But the band was in fact very very good, and the night was a lot of fun. I drove home that night, and my head hit the pillow at 4:00am. Sunday morning I was expected to play bass in church. I slept until 1:00pm, so boo to that one I guess. Sunday was a bit of a surprise. I had Sunday dinner with a family I know in town, and they hid a bunch of chocolate eggs and we had a great time finding them. Monday I had to visit a friend from brazil who had formerly been living illegally in Canada, and now lived illegally in the USA. It was fairly tiring. Tuesday I travelled to Fredericton to promote SSU at some high schools, and got home just in time to make supper for a friend, which ended up lasting until 11:00pm. So all in all I have had an extremely busy week, but last night was so relaxing and enjoyable that I actually feel pretty good now. But it shows me that working through the weekend makes for a fairly bizarre week.
Thanks to my friends who have been praying for me of late. The decision making process continues. Please keep me in your prayers, and feel free to tell me anything that comes up during those times.
Blessings til next time.


At 3:10 p.m., Blogger Sgt Steve said...

Dude your crazy! Not crazy like lock you up in a padded room. I mean crazy like white water rafting over Niagra Falls. I don't know if I coulda pulled off a schudule like that, dang. It was really good to see you again. Even though it was short. God bless your crazy son, he's worth it eh!

At 10:07 a.m., Blogger beth said...

Jake, you have so much to give. Glad to hear that you're doing lots of that whether it be on worship teams or 'prayin for kiddos' or just blessing the random people you meet on your travels. It was so good to see you on Friday and I know God will give you CRAZY David-like courage + Solomon-like wisdom in all your decisions. I'm in the sameboat ...decisions...decisions...decisions...

At 8:59 p.m., Blogger Christa said...

Hey Jacob!! How the heck are ya? I was at Freshwind Friday night but I didn't see ya there....Hmmm maybe it was the thousands of kids there.....LOL!! Miss ya dude!You are the funniest guy on the planet earth!!!


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