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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


In 1999 I was standing in line to enter a movie theater in Dublin, Ireland. It was on the main road, so there were many passersby, and surprisingly among them was my friend Dave. He had moved to Dublin and married an Irish woman. So he saw me, I saw him, we did a few double takes then chatted for a while.

Earlier today, now nearing eight years on, Dave happened by my Starbucks in the mall. Once again we double-took, laughed, hi-fived, and then met up again after work to have a pint (or three...blush). I love the interconnectedness of life. Things that we thing are seperate aren't always so. Friends we have lost become found in a flash. Not that they are found in the geographical placement of being within a flash, but rather in the more metaphysical way.

So we met up again, chatted, it was good. He has returned to Toronto with his wife, and is a happy father now. Pretty impressive, but not as impressive as the fact that it took him only five minutes to catch me up on his events, and it took me the rest of the night to catch him up on mine. Seems that I can take even little things very seriously. Not entirely a bad thing, I think.


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